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Great ways to get started

See below for some great ideas and strategies for sharing your new link.

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Share ideas

  • Facebook – facebook allows links in posts so this is an easy way to share.
  • Instagram – Instagram doesnt allow links in their posts.  So you’ll need to get creative.   Add your link to your Profile then guide your users to click the link there. 
  • Youtube – Do a short video on Vacation Angel and add your link to the description.  
  • Blog – Write a short blog on Vacation Angel and add your link in the article. 
  • Whatsapp / Text – Message your contact list telling them why Vacation Angel is great and add your link
  • Email – Email the relevant contacts who would be interested in Vacation Angel and include your link.
  • Website – Create a banner on your website. If you would like to add this, ask us for digital assets and we will send you everything you’ll need.  

Keep track of your $$$

Check in regularly to your affililate dashboard and you can track all the people you’ve signed up and how much credit you have pending.    

The Best Experience Ever

See a little of what makes Vacation Angel different than other sites. Besides no sign up fees, ultra low 3% commission or our beautiful virtual tours we're also giving hosts back their power.
John Paul Pfeiffer
Owner Vacation Angel

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