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Managing your Vacation Angel listing – Desktop

March 1, 2022 by VacationAngel360

To create your account go to the home page

  • In the top right corner of the page you will see ‘+SIGN UP‘ – Click this.

  • If you have a Facebook or Google account you can sign up with one click by clicking either option.
    You can enter your email address and create a password for your account.

You can then log in using the credentials you just made. 

After you have logged in the first thing you should do is verify your phone number.

By doing this you will be able to get text notifications when a guest has a question or you have a booking request.

Its important that you respond quickly to guests so that you can give them the best experience possible and also so you don’t lose out on a reservation.

To do this:  
After you are logged in. 

  •  Go to the top right corner where your username is and the down arrow.   Click your username and the menu will drop down.   
  • Click MY PROFILE
  • You will see the container to add our MOBILE number.
  • For a North American number you will enter: +19175555555
  • Make sure you enter it with this exact format:  +19175555555    
  • Do not use any dashes  or spaces as outlined in this example.
  • If you have a Nicaraguan or other phone number make sure to enter and add the  +, Country CodePhone number .  
  • For a Nicaraguan number you will enter: +50555555555 
  • Space it out exactly like in the example.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click UPDATE PROFILE.
  • When the number is entered and saved then click the SEND ME VALIDATION CODE  button.     
  • You will receive a text message with a code.   
    Enter that code into the container above this button where it says ENTER VALIDATION CODE HERE:


Now you will receive Vacation Angel notifications.

When you receive our notifications you will not be able to respond to messages by text.   The Text Message notification you receive will have the message and a link. 

If you click the link in the text message it will open up the page in your web browser so you can respond quickly and easily to messages and booking requests.

To add a property listing 

  • Go to your Control Panel ( Click your account name in top right corner of the page)
  • Click on ADD NEW LISTING.

From there follow the prompts to add the information and media of your property to build your listing.   

When each page is completed click CONTINUE toward the bottom of the page and it will walk you through each category of your listing until you are finished.   

Please fill out and enter the necessary details for each category and leave blank items that are not relevant.

Should you have any problems with something please reach out and we will help you. 

If Vacation Angel is building your property page you do not need to add your property yourself.   We are building it for you and will transfer it to you when it is completed.

To view and edit the information and content on your listing.

  • Open your Control Panel.

You will see a list of your property listings.

  • To edit – click on the EDIT PROPERTY icon to the right of your Property Title. (To the left of the Trash Bin Icon)

This will enter you into your listings settings.

You will see the titles of each category at the top of the page.   

  • Click on the category you wish to work on.  
    Or go to the bottom of each page and click CONTINUE and it will bring you one by one through the categories.   

You should fill become familiar with these categories so you’ll know where to make edits on your property in the future.

Vacation Angel accepts and pays out in Cryptocurrency as well as the standard Bank Transfer, PayPal and Venmo payment methods.   We give you more options than any other booking platform in the world.   

To set your payout preference.

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Select MY PROFILE
  • At the bottom of the page you will see the Payment Info / Hidden Field container.  
  • Enter your bank transfer details, cryptocurrency account information or Venmo handle.   
  • If you choose to use your PayPal you can enter it in the container titled Email for receiving PayPal Payments.

  • When completed make sure to click UPDATE PROFILE to update your information. 

When a guest makes a booking, payment is needed for them to confirm their reservation.   Without full payment, their reservation will not be completed.

Vacation Angel pays property owners on the first day of the reservation, in full. 

 This includes the rental fees as well as any other fees which hosts set up in their profile. 

These can include Taxes, Cleaning Fees, Deposits and Extra Item fees.  

The method that hosts choose to receive payouts will determine the speed that funds will be received by hosts.   

Any possible delays in receiving funds would be due to of speed of the banking intermediary. 

Vacation Angel only pays out in Cryptocurrency if the guest pays in Cryptocurrency.   If you choose Cryptocurrency as a payout method please also add an additional method as a backup. 

The standard methods of payout are typically Bank Transfers and Paypal.    

Venmo and PayPal usually have the fastest rates of transfer as payments are typically received immediately upon payout.  

    • Go to your Dashboard

    • Click MY LISTINGS
    • Click EDIT PROPERTY icon of the property you wish to edit. (to left of the TRASH BIN icon)
    • Click Category CALENDAR

    • On your Calendar click the first date that you wish to Block.  
      Then click the date of the last date you wish to block.
    • The following popup will appear.

  • Write in a note for why you blocked these dates.   
  • Click BOOK DATES to save. 
  • These blocked dates will now appear in your MY BOOKINGS tab along with the description.

  • To remove the blocked dates you can click CANCEL MY OWN BOOKING.

Go to your Dashboard

  • Click EDIT PROPERTY icon of the property you wish to edit. (to left of the TRASH BIN icon)

  • Go to the PROPERTY PRICES page


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click on the first date that you want to change the price of.
  • Click on the last date that you want to change the price of.

  • A popup will appear.  
  • Change the prices accordingly

  • Save by clicking SET PRICE FOR PERIOD.

This tutorial is for Airbnb.  If you have another platform or Channel Manager CLICK HERE

Syncing your calendars with Airbnb and other platforms will make it so that if you receive a reservation on one platform your availability calendar will update and sync across to the other platform availability calendar.

To do this:

  • Log into your dashboard.

  • Click EDIT PROPERTY icon of the property you wish to edit. (to left of the TRASH BIN icon)
  • Go to CALENDAR.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Here you will find your ICAL code.  You will copy and paste this code into your Airbnb or other platforms’ ICAL input.   It will send your Vacation Angel calendar changes to those platforms automatically.

In the containers, FEED NAME and FEED URL you will need to retrieve this information from your other platform and enter it here.


To Sync your calendar with your Airbnb listing.

  • Log in to your Airbnb Account
  • Go to your listing

  • Scroll down to the CALENDAR SYNC section

  • Paste your Vacation Angel ICAL url here and click save.

  • Copy this ICAL URL and paste it into your Vacation Angel FEED URL container. 
  • For FEED NAME.   Name it according to the platform you’re syncing.   If it’s Airbnb, name it AIRBNB.  This is just for you to know what platform this is syncing.


Now your Vacation Angel and other platform calendars will sync automatically.

This outline will teach you how you can take 360 panorama images to be used for a Vacation Angel Virtual Tour of your property yourself.   You can then send us the completed images and we will do all post production and create and publish your virtual tour for you. 

See our Comprehensive Article here: HOW TO TAKE 360 PANORAMAS WITH YOUR CELL.

If you need help or assitance with anything at all CLICK HERE to chat with us.

Is there something you need to do thats not explained here?

Reach out to us and we will help right away.


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