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Brantingham Lake is within the Adirondack Park, located east of Brantingham, New York in Lewis County, New York.   Once primarily occupied by seasonal residents occupying their camps as summer destinations only,  Brantingham is more and more often becoming a year-round home.  Increased property expenses have made it difficult for seasonal only residents to maintain the expenses of two homes.

The Lake covers 341 acres (1.38 km2) with about eleven miles (18 km) of shoreline according to Wikipedia. The lake has a maximum depth of around 70 feet, and an average depth of 30 feet in accordance with fluctuating yearly water levels. There are two islands present, Grant (or Round) Island, and Dark Island.. There are two sand bars on the lake,  one is referred to as ‘sunken island’ and is in the middle of the southwestern end of the lake.  It is a popular location for boaters, especially pontoon boats, to anchor and hang out.  Depending on the yearly water levels, these sand bars may only be covered by a few feet of water, requiring caution from boaters.   In the summer season, these shallow points are marked by large white and red buoys.   

On the southwestern side of the lake, is an inlet leading to the portion of the lake that is referred to as the “Brantingham Lily Pond”.   Two bridges cross over this inlet .  The wood walking bridge nearest the lake is a remaining remnant from the old Brantingham Inn Hotel which burned down in the 1970’s.  The other about 200 feet in from the lake is a concrete bridge where Cottage Road crosses the inlet.  Both bridges are navigable by most motor boats as long as the motor is trimmed up.  The maximum width is about 10 feet and the height is only around 5 – 6 feet high.  The average water level is only around 2.5 feet deep through this inlet.   Any boats traveling under either bridge will need to take down their awnings and be physically cautious of the height so as not to hit their head.

At the far end of the Lily Pond is the dam that serves as the water outlet to the lake.   This outlet drains into Lake of the Pines, a small nearby non-motorized lake.   The lake level is controlled by this dam.   Lake levels are dropped in Mid October and are again raised up in Mid May every year.   The purpose is to prevent damage from drifting icebergs when the water is melting in the spring.  These floating icebergs regularly damaging docks and boathouses in it’s path when waterflow and/or wind move them.    This down period serves as an opportunity for the residents of the lake shore to make repairs and maintenance to their shorelines.   

Due to wave action from boats over recent years the lakes shoreline recession has accelerated.  Many residents have built retaining walls to reclaim and protect their land from washing away.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Brantingham enjoys time within each of the 4 seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Temperatures in the summer average in the mid to high 70’s and can get up to the 90’s Farenheight at times.   Winters can be quite frigid at temperatures well below 0 but averaging in the mid to high 20’s.  Brantingham gets an average snowfall of 200 inches per year.  The cold weather and proximity to lake effect snow make it an ideal location for those who enjoy the snow such as snowmobilers and skiers.  Summers welcome a variety of water and boating activities as well as Mountain Biking, ATV riding, hiking, and Horseback riding.  Fall is an especially beautiful season when all the trees turn colors.

WATER CONDITIONS – The floor of Brantingham Lake, unlike most other lakes in the state is mostly not lined with plant life.   It’s generally a rock and sand floor and offers a more appealing appearance and feel to water goers than that of other lakes in the state.  This makes Brantingham Lake a popular lake for swimming and water activities.   The water is quite clear and contains brown tannins giving the lake a clear brown hue.   On sunny days you can see down 8-10 feet.  

The lakes temperature in mid summer ranges from 70 – 75 on average and fluctuates with the recent air temperatures and rain levels.  In the winter the lake freezes enough to allow snowmobiler and large vehicles drive across the ice. 

On the average summer day the lake is calm and smooth offering a nicer reflection of the sky and water line.  Only on days of high boat usage will there be wave action or chop to the water. 

FISHING:  Brantingham Lake is a good fishing lake. The lake is home to Blue Gill, northern pike, Brown BullheadLake WhitefishLargemouth BassSmallmouth BassPumpkinseed SunfishRock BassWhite Sucker, and Yellow Perch.  In recent years the lake has been stocked with Rainbow Trout. 

In the Winter it’s common to see ice fishing tents on the lake.  The lily pond area is known to have snapping turtles though they are rarely seen.  Fishing permits are required on the lake but are loosely regulated. 

Popoyo Beach
Broken Clouds
85º - 77º
11.56 mph

WILDLIFE:  In the summer the lake is home to several Loons.   They are responsible for keeping the fish population lower than in recent years as they feast on Brantingham’s plentiful fish population.   Cormorants are also seen diving underwater for fish and popping up large distances away.   You will find occasional sightings of Bald Eagles, Blue Herrins and other birds like Blue Jays, Robbins, Chickadees, Hummingbirds, and Finches.   Red, Grey Squirrels, and Chipmunks are commonly found scurrying up and down trees.   Black Bears have been known to ransack garbage containers in the night, but are rarely seen during the day.   Deer are commonly seen walking along the lake and in the winter walking across it.   There are also Fox, Beavers, Mink and Racoons found in the area.

LAKE ACCESS / PARKING:   Brantingham Lake as one general known boat launch located on North Shore rd.   There are other locations on the lake for boats to be launched but the nearby residents do not promote or invite use.   The lake is considered a public lake however there is no public parking available making it difficult for local residents and lake guests to reasonably access the lake. 

A campground about 3 miles from the lake is scheduled to be built in 2022 and has caused a great debate within the local community. 

RECREATION:  In the summer Brantingham is a hot tourist area for area ATV and UTV riders.  The area boasts some of the best riding trails in New England and is host to the local ATV club the Turin Ridge Riders.   Their website is: TURIN RIDGE RIDERS

A trail permit is required to ride the local trails.  They can be purchased on the Turin Ridge Riders website as well as at Kovach Repair in Brantingham.   Kovach Repair does not have a website but their facebook page is:  KOVACH REPAIR

Just outside Brantingham toward Greig is the motocross race track called High Voltage  MX.  They do not have a website but you can find news and updates on their facebook page: HIGH VOLTAGE MX

BOATING:  Brantingham is a popular boating lake.  You will find Ski boats, Pontoon boats, Jetski’s, Kayaks, SUP’s ( stand up paddleboards) Sailboats and many other floating sporting equipment on the lake.    Residents often are found waterskiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing and tubing behind boats.  The largest typical boat size on the lake is around 23 feet long.  Most larger boats are not found on the lake and would be frowned upon by local residents.

BUSINESSES:  Brantingham has 3 Primary Restaurants.  The Pine Tree Tavern, The Coachlight Inn, and the Brantingham Inn and Motel.   There is also a very nice 18-hole golf course appropriately named the Brantingham Golf Course that is between Brantingham Lake and Lake of the Pines.  There is one General Store also appropriately named The Brantingham General Store.  In the center of all these locations is the  Brantingham Fire Department.


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