Eatonville, NY

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About Eatonville


RECREATION:  In summer months Eatonville is a popular spot for sliding down the rapids.   A short stretch of about 300 feet serves as a natural slip and slide, meets lazy river.   The top of the area can be reached by a small foot trail that starts at the base of the bridge that crosses over otter creek.   

Some people slide down with with nothing under them however it would be a better idea to bring a tube or raft to slide down on as a layer of protection to prevent a spinal injury.   People have been spotted sliding down on air mattresses, inner tubes and small rafts. 

WEATHER CONDITIONS:  Summers at Eatonville welcome a variety of water activities as well as Mountain Biking, ATV riding, hiking, and Horseback riding through the area.  Fall is an especially beautiful season when all the trees turn colors.  In the Winter the water is far too cold to enter without a wetsuit.

WATER CONDITIONS – The water flowing down the falls is typically much colder than the surrounding still lakes.   It is mostly very clear with a brown tannin hue.  The floor of the falls is slippery rock and should be treated with extreme caution.  

FISHING:  A few of the deep areas after the falls serve as good fishing spots for local fishermen. 

Clear Sky
73º - 46º
2.73 mph


WILDLIFE:  At Eatonville you will find occasional sightings of Bald Eagles, and other birds like Blue Jays, Robbins, Chickadees, Hummingbirds, and Finches.   Red, Grey Squirrels, and Chipmunks are commonly found scurrying up and down trees.   Black Bears have been known to ransack garbage containers in the night, but are rarely seen during the day.   Deer are commonly seen walking along the area.  There are also Fox, Beavers, Mink and Racoons found in the area.

ACCESS / PARKING:   Eatonville can be accessed by car, truck and any ATV vehicle.   The roads that lead the way there are dirt roads and include Van Arnam Road and Eatonville Road.   Where these two roads intersect is where the otter creek truck trail begins.    About 500 feet from this intersection is the parking area for access to Eatonville and the falls.  There is one outside BBQ grill available.   You will need to provide charcoal or fuel. 



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