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We’re excited to help you along the way.

Below is a checklist to complete before your property will go live.

If you need help completing your listing or anything at all just reach out.

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1. Verify your cell number

Make sure to do this so you can receive text message alerts when guests make a inquiries or reservation request. 

 It’s important to be able to respond quickly.

Click button below to start.

1. Enter your mobile number with a +1 or (+ ‘country code’) in the MOBILE container, then your number (see example)    For Nicaragua use the format +50555555555.  (Add  + and no spaces)

Go to the bottom of the page and click UPDATE PROFILE.

2. Press ‘Send me validation code’

3. You’ll receive a text message with a code.  Enter that code in the container asking for ENTER VALIDATION CODE HERE.

4. Press ‘Validate Mobile Phone Number’ button.

5. Done!  

2.update your availability calendar

Theres not much worse than a double booking.   Our calendars prevent this by sycing our calendars with your other listing(s) or website calendars. 
 If you have no idea how to do this.  All good!   We’ll do it for you.  

If Vacation Angel is your only calendar.  Just make sure to block off any dates not available.  

Need assistance?  Reach out.

3. Listing complete?

If not, send us as much information on your rental and we’ll handle the rest.  

Is your property listed on other site?  Send us the link(s).

Have images to send?  Send those too.  Our professional photographers will curate and make your place look amazing.  

Click to send 

(for large files we recommend sending files by wetransfer, google drive or dropbox.  You can send to

4.Want to know how to manage your listing?

From everything to setting up your listing page to syncing calendars with other platforms.   Read our comprehensive Operation Manual for details on how to get your Vacation Angel listing working to bringing you more money. 
Dont feel like doing it?  Reach out to us and let us know what you need.

  We’ll take care of it for you. 

Questions about Anything?

We’ll help you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vacation Home Owners

Here is why! 

1. We bring more traffic and awareness to your property.  We’re the ‘Google Maps’ of Waterfront destinations.  Our Virtual Tours attract attention from anyone looking to visit or know more about the waterfront destinations we feature.  

2. We charge less than all other Vacation Listing sites!   By far!  Our  commissions are only 3% from our hosting partners and 3% from the Guest.  See our comparison chart to see what you’re paying now and how much you could be saving. 

3.  We provide you a free virtual tour!  A $1500 plus value.  We also don’t charge you hosting fees which you would need to pay each month to host a Virtual Tour independently.  Not to mention costs for hiring a developer to set it up, the expense of the camera equipment, drone, software and many other little monthly fees that come with creating and hosting a Virtual Tour. 

4. Quick, no hassle Support!  No waiting on hold for someone you cant understand who has no idea what’s going on who will only transfer you to another person who has no idea what’s going on.  Get off the Big Tech Support hamster wheel.  We are small and available for you.  Just click CONTACT in our main menu and we’ll take care of the issue quick and easy.

5. We sync your availability calendar with all your other current listings or websites.   List with as many sites are you like and well sync all your availability calendars so they all update automatically when you get a reservation or book dates out.  
It’s quick and easy.  If you have no technical knowledge we can set this up for you!  
At no risk to you we’ll show you how we bring you more rentals and charge you less.  Vacation angel will keep more money in your pocket.

And much more… 

You can still list with your other sites.  There is no need to remove or change them.  

We simply offer another outlet for you to gain renters at absolutely  no risk to you

1. We sync the availability calendars of other listing sites with ours.  So if someone books your Airbnb listing the dates will automatically be blocked on your Vacation Angel calendar.   

2. We take no fee unless we get you a rental so you have no out of pocket expense in listing with us.

3. Our fees are much less than other listing sites so if we do provide you renters you’ll make more money!

4. We provide you with a FREE VIRTUAL TOUR!  That’s a $1500 plus value for free.  VT’s are a superior way to market your property as opposed to randomly scattered images with no reference of space.

5. We offer personized service to you.   Message or call us anytime and get a live person on the phone immediately.

To qualify for a free Virtual Tour:

1: Your property must be waterfront.   No more than 2 blocks from the shore.   Lakes, Beaches, Rivers, Ponds.   Anything waterfront.


If we are in your area we will come and do a Virtual Tour with our cameras and technology.  To check CLICK HERE to chat with us.

If not.  Dont worry.   We have a tutorial on how you can take the virtual tour images yourself with nothing more than your cellphone.  Send us the images and we’ll do the work of making your Virtual Tour. 


  • If we are shooting your Virtual Tour, we usually need only 1 – 2 hours to photograph your entire place.

When we have the images of your properety we then do hours of professional post production to make your place look better than ever! 

We then spend hours setting up your Virtual Tour Page and uploading it to go live. 

 We will update you when its complete and give you all the needed details and links to promote your property better than ever before.  

CLICK HERE  to chat with us and schedule your Virtual Tour today

Short Answer. YES!

The work of having the virtual tour created and hosted is completely free.   We do drone , 360 photography, and video!  All our proprietary post production on all the media is free!

The work of setting up and hosting your Virtual tour and listing.  ALL FREE! 

A Virtual tour would normally cost between $1500 – $2500.

We so it all from start to finish and then send you your virtual tours links and  assets so that you can share and promote your property better than ever before.  

When someone books your property on our site we only take a 3% commission from the property owner.  The lowest commission on the market!

We give more and take less!

 Yes.  You can add your property by logging in and adding your listing to our site at anytime.   Click the red SUBMIT PROPERTY button on the top right menu item of this page or you can click here: ADD NEW LISTING

As soon as your listing is approved it will go live immediately and you can begin taking reservations.  

Approval usually takes less than one hour.

To add a Virtual Tour you can follow our outline here on how to take Virtual Tour images yourself with nothing more than your cell phone.   

Send us your images and we’ll put your Virtual Tour together for you for free!

If you already have a Virtual Tour of your property you can contact us directly and we will organize with you or your developer to receive your Virtual Tour assets. 

  We’ll then seamlessly integrate your properties Virtual Tour into our areas Virtual Tour.  Guests will be able to easily book directly from within the Tour.

Payment is sent to you the day after a guest checks in.  

When you set up your account on Vacation Angel you will enter your payment details which can be your PayPal, Venmo or Bank Accout.  The payments will be sent to the account your setup.   

We are very responsive.  You can Text, Whatsapp, Email or Call Us.     We will get right back to.

Ph: +1-917-553-0212


Or we can chat right now.  

Vacation Home Renters

There are two ways. 

1. You can go to the VACATION RENTAL SEARCH section of our home page and do a manual search.  Enter the location and any requirements  your have in the option containers to weed out the properties you’re looking for. 

Press Search and properties fitting your requirements will populate to view.


2. You can visit a virtual tour of your selected waterfront location and find vacation rentals highlighted in the Virtual Tour and in the FLIGHTPLAN with Green Pin Markers.  You can book directly from the Virtual Tour by clicking on the property. 

Once in a Virtual Tour all the Vacation Rentals will be highlight with Green Spinners and their approximate nightly rates hovering above.   
Click on the spinner to see the Property.
Keep searching till your find your spot!
Click Reserve and proceed to make a reservation.  

If you have a love of travel and adventure with experience in photography and advanced computer skills hit us up.  We may have some adventures for you.