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A getaway with Good Clean Wine and the besties.
So it’s a ladies-only weekend and you’ll finally have all your besties free for the weekend to spend some much-needed quality time together.   It’s been way too long since you’ve all [...]
Apr 07, 2022 Category: TRAVELER TIPS 0 Comments
Top 5 most important screening questions to ask vacation rental guests
When hosting guests to stay at your property it’s incredibly important to have a good idea of what kind of people your potential guests could be. The last thing you want is a guest who will [...]
Mar 02, 2022 Category: OWNER TIPS 0 Comments
Best Vacation Rental House Manual for 2022
Over the past 20 years of managing vacation rentals, I have tried every kind of House Manual available. Here is my suggestion for the best Vacation Rental House Manual for 2022. Back in the day, [...]
Jan 05, 2022 Category: OWNER TIPS 1 Comments
2022 Brantingham Lake Vacation Rental Market Analysis
Why is a market analysis necessary? Because information is power. If you don’t know what the market will bear then you have no basis upon which to optimize your own vacation rental revenue. [...]
Dec 31, 2021 Category: OWNER TIPS 2 Comments
6 secret strategies on how to consistently get 5-star reviews.
There are many things that new hosts need in order to be successful and one of the most important is getting good reviews.
Dec 21, 2021 Category: OWNER TIPS 0 Comments
2022 Best Travel Tips for Flying to Nicaragua
So you’re considering a trip to Nicaragua for the first time and you’re wondering the best way to get there.
Dec 20, 2021 Category: TRAVELER TIPS 2 Comments
11 Tips for becoming an amazing Vacation Rental host.
Would you like to be the best Vacation Rental host ever?  This article will help you with how! 
Nov 16, 2021 Category: OWNER TIPS 0 Comments
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