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Top 5 Most Amazing Surfing Spots in Nicaragua

If you are looking for the best beaches in Nicaragua for surfing this is my top 5 list of surf spots


My name is Julien Pons, I am a Surf team rider for UWL surfboards and Saint Jacques Wetsuits.


I’m from France, but live most of the time in Latin America; mostly in Nicaragua. For the past 10 years, I have been surfing and searching around this beautiful country for the best waves.



I’m often asked, does Nicaragua have good surfing and where is the best surf in Nicaragua?



Here are my picks for the Top 5 best surfing beaches in Nicaragua.



5. The Boom / Asseradores / Aposentillo


When the tide is good and the swell is not too big the boom Nicaragua is firing. Perfect for advanced surfers to get tubed. It can be crowded but you always find a peak.




Be careful though because the onshore afternoon can be long, so get some local food down in the village at the Boom Hostel where Pedro will make you some great smoothies and food.


There are also many other beaches up and down the area to surf so I recommend getting a bike and exploring!



Take a Virtual Tour of these beaches and see for yourself exactly where the surf spots are.

Asseradores Virtual Tour

Aposentillo Virtual Tour 




4. Playgrounds / Veracruz (Playa Popoyo)


If you want to surf lowers trestles, don’t go to California. The Playgrounds is a super rippable fun wave with a right and left bone break. There are rocky sections but with plenty of wall.




It’s a great spot for any level surfer.


To get there you will need to take a boat ride as the wave is in front of the nature reserve called Refugio de Vida Silvestre Rio Escalante Chacocente.



Check out a VLOG documenting exactly where the Playgrounds are and how to get there.




Take a Virtual Tour of Playa Astillero to see exactly where the Surf Spots are.





3. El Transito

It’s not a world-class wave, but in the off-season, this place is super consistent. El Transito is a small fisherman village with a beach break and a little lefty soft pointbreak.



This place is perfect for everybody, even surfing in Nicaragua for beginners. I bring my parents down there. Check out my buddy @kakashinroke a local guy who can get you everywhere with all the good vibes.


There are a lot of accommodations in the area but not super cheap.


Take a Virtual Tour and explore El Transito and see exactly where the surf spots are.





2. Playa Colorado


This wave in Playa Colorado Nicaragua has different faces. On perfect days, during Nicaragua surfing season, it’s a fast-barreling beach break and can be word class. On smaller days very rippable and accessible for the intermediates to advanced surfers.


I don’t really like the vibe of the main beach of Colorado tho.



I prefer way more the little village of El Gigante and I had one of my best sunsets at Playa Amarillo which is the beach south of Colorado. El Gigante is the next beach over and you can walk from beach to beach with a small hike.


I highly recommend you stay there.   EL GIGANTE RENTALS 


There are other soft waves perfect for beginners and the Nica community is wonderful.


See Exactly where everything on Playa Colorado is in this Virtual Tour




1. Puerto Sandino / Míramar


Of all the surf spots in Nicaragua so far, Puerto Sandino is my favorite wave. When it comes to barrels and turns, this is the place.


You can literally surf every tide and every swell in the area.



My buddy Christian just build some little casita right in front of our favorite wave. You can check it out here: Miramar Beachfront Bungalow


He’s also a photographer so he will get you the best shot of your life too!


Puerto Sandino surf resort is a super nice place too which is right next door. Right now it’s in renovations but they’ll be back open in early 2023.


This area is surf magic. It gets onshore but the possibilities are endless.


Take a virtual tour of the entire beach to see exactly where the surf spots are and then find a place to stay close by.






So from the North to South Pacific coast, there are tons of possibilities in Nicaragua.

If you want to follow my surf travels and get some clips, check my Instagram @julienpons974

Insta: UWL Surfboards

Insta: Saint Jacques Wetsuits

See you on the waves!

In conclusion here are my top 5 beaches in Nicaragua for surfing.

    • 5. The Boom / Asseradores / Aposentillo

    • 4. The Playagrounds / Veracruz / Popoyo

    • 3. El Transito

    • 2. Playa Colorado

    • 1. Miramar Beach / Puerto Sandino

What do you think? Have you been to Nicaragua for surfing? If so, what are your favorite spots?

Let’s hear it in the comments below.

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