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A getaway with Good Clean Wine and the besties.

Good Clean Wine Party

So it’s a ladies-only weekend and you’ll finally have all your besties free for the weekend to spend some much-needed quality time together.   It’s been way too long since you’ve all gotten together so it’s up to you to make it a weekend to remember.   Does Good Clean Wine sound good to you?

Now.  Where to go?  What to bring?

We have some ideas to make this weekend one for the ages.


Vacation Angel has some waterfront vacation spots that are perfect for a secluded long getaway weekend with friends. 

For that New Yorker who is looking to get outta dodge for the weekend, about an hour’s drive outside the city is The Pond Getaway. 

Located in Hardistonville NJ, the Pond Getaway is a cozy one bedroom with sleeping space in the living room as well as a small camper in the parking affectionately lot called Lulu.   Lulu is a cute Pink and white camper that is fully furnished and acts as a completely independent and functional tiny home.   The Pond Getaway has its own private Pond with a Rowboat so you can float out in the middle of the pond while chatting with your friends sitting on the dock.   Imagine the spring sun shining down on you all and the songbirds singing as you enjoy your favorite wine.

Take a Virtual Tour of this amazing spot here:

If you have a larger group of friends you can take a trek up into the Adirondacks and rent a Private Island called Grant Island.   You’ll have your own private pontoon boat so you can not only get back and forth between the Island and the mainland, but you can use it in taking tours around beautiful Brantingham Lake.   Sip on your favorite selection of Good Clean Wine as you slowly cruise around the lake. 

Take a Virtual Tour of Grant Island here

This brings us to, what to bring. 


You are all health-conscious and looking for a delicious wine all the girls can enjoy.   Something to indulge on yet still be able to enjoy day 2 and 3 of your escape.

How so?

Good Clean Wine is a labor of love that was co-created by former Beauty, Health, and Fitness Editor for Marie Claire,  Courtney Dunlop, and experienced Esthetician, Michelle Feldman.  

Together they develop holistic wines that don’t have any added sugar, concentrates, or sulfites.   They made sure their wines contain no dye, fake flavoring, or tartaric acid.

Cortney and Michelle spend extensive time in Italy, where their wines and made, to ensure their wines are made with the utmost care and purity.    Keeping their wine ‘Clean’ reduces the body’s reaction to these additives which are often top contributors to that God-awful next-day hangover.  

Good Clean Wine

Good Clean Wine produces selections of Reds, Whites, Rose’s and, Spumantes.   You can check out their selections and order directly from their website here:


If you’re stumped on selecting which of their delicious wines to choose for your trip, check out their wine suggestions based on your horoscopes. 


Your Wine Horoscope

 If you’re indecisive or adventurous it’s a fun way to decide and experience something new.

Do you remember the first time that you tried your favorite food or dessert?  New experiences can ultimately change your life forever and we think this wine horoscope is a unique idea to entice you to do just that.  



Now that the wines are selected don’t forget the Charcuterie board!   Nothing compliments a good wine like the right selection of meats and cheeses.   

Mindfully organized slices of salami, beautifully cut fruits and vegetables, creamy and colorful cheeses, a perimeter of nuts and olives, and possibly a few cornichons.   Charcuterie boards are the latest craze and the ideal accompaniment for the modern wine connoisseur.

Here’s a quick list of ingredients to make sure to include in the grocery list on the way to your final vacation destination.   



To understand which cheeses to pair with which of their wines check out Good Clean Wines’ own recommendation here: 




After you have all this,  what else is there to think about?    Isn’t the point to NOT think anymore?    

You now have the perfect atmosphere, the perfect wines, and the perfect friends. 

What could be better?    Go enjoy the moment!

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