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Brantingham Lake - Brantingham, NY
Brantingham Lake - Brantingham, NY
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Lake of the Pines - New York
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Pleasant Lake - New York
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Eatonville - New York

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Grant Island

Brantingham Lake
$ 425 Per Night
  • Sleeps - 1-8
  • Pontoon Boat Included
  • Wifi, Netflix, HotTub

Stabbin Cabin

Brantingham Lake
$ 149 Per Night
  • Sleeps - 1-2
  • Boat Included
  • Wifi, Netflix, HotTub

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About Brantingham



Elevation: Approximately 1250 above sea level.

Population: Approximately 1000 

BODIES OF WATER:  Brantingham has several small lakes / ponds and the primary body of water is Brantingham Lake.   Brantingham Lake drains through the Brantingham Lake lily pond and then out to Lake of the Pines.

Lake of the Pines is a private man made lake that is aproximately 

A small private nearby lake called Pleasant lake is surrounded by camps and houses.

Catspaw lake is in the Adirondack Park and does not have any houses or camps on it.  The APA claims to have a designated campsite on the lake.


BUSINESSES:  Brantingham has 3 Primary Restaurants.  The Pine Tree Tavern, The Coachlight Inn, and the Brantingham Inn and Motel.   There is also a very nice 18-hole golf course appropriately named the Brantingham Golf Course that is between Brantingham Lake and Lake of the Pines.  There is one General Store also appropriately named The Brantingham General Store.  In the center of all these locations is the  Brantingham Fire Department.  
On Brantingham Lake Jetskis, ATV, and other water toys can be rented at Grant Island Rentals

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Brantingham enjoys time within each of the 4 seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Temperatures in the summer average in the mid to high 70’s and can get up to the 90’s Farenheight at times.   Winters can be quite frigid at temperatures well below 0 but averaging in the mid to high 20’s.  Brantingham gets an average snowfall of 200 inches per year.  The cold weather and proximity to lake effect snow make it an ideal location for those who enjoy the snow such as snowmobilers and skiers.  Summers welcome a variety of water and boating activities as well as Mountain Biking, ATV riding, hiking, and Horseback riding.  

WILDLIFE:  In the summer the Brantingham Lakes are home to several Loons, Cormorants, Ducks, Turkeys, Geese, Seagulls, Robins, Bluejays, Chickadees, and hummingbirds.   Occasional sightings of Bald Eagles and Blue Herrin’s are recorded.  Red, Grey Squirrels and Chipmunks are commonly found scurrying up and down trees.   Black Bears have been known to ransack garbage containers in the night but are rarely seen during the day.   Deer are common in the area and there is a hunting season to help keep populations down.  There are also Fox, Beavers, Mink, and Racoons found in the area.

Current Weather

Clear Sky
73º - 46º
2.73 mph

RECREATION:  In the summer Brantingham is a hot tourist area for ATV and UTV riders.  The area boasts some the the best riding trails in New England and is host to the local ATV club the Turin Ridge Riders.   Their website is: TURIN RIDGE RIDERS

A trail permit is required to ride the local trails.  They can be purchased on the Turin Ridge Riders website as well as in person at Kovach Repair in Brantingham.   Kovach Repair does not have a website but their facebook page is:  KOVACH REPAIR

Just outside Brantingham is the motocross race track called High Voltage  MX.  They do not have a website but you can find news and updates on their facebook page: HIGH VOLTAGE MX

BOATING:  Brantingahm Lake is the only lake that allows motorized vehicles.  Lake of the Pines has its own committee of its residents and is considered a private lake with no access to non residents.   Pleasant Lake is considered a public lake and allows kayaks or other non motorized water crafts but you will need to find access through a resident on the lake or through CAMP ALDERSGATE, a Christian summer camp and retreat.  
Catspaw lake does not allow motorized vehicles.






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